Dr George Campbell orthodontist was born and educated in Glasgow in his early years, before moving on to study Dentistry at Edinburgh University. Following his graduation, he completed a short service in the British Army as a Captain. He then had various posts in oral and maxillofacial surgery as he underwent his fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in Glasgow.

After finishing his fellowship, he spent time in London where he obtained his MSc, and spent three years as the Registrar in Orthodontics at the renowned Guy’s Hospital. He also earned his MOrth in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. George then went on to work as a consultant in Orthodontics in a hospital near to London for a year prior to opening his own practice in 1999 in East Kilbride, Scotland.

The practice enjoyed great success and over time expanded, to include six more practices around Scotland, including:

· Queen’s Park (which was previously Love and Hughes)

· Hamilton

· Jordanhill

· Kilmarnock

· Greenock

· Cumbernauld

As his career has progressed George has been very interested in passing on his knowledge and helping others in the field. To date he has trained 11 orthodontic therapists which has given them the opportunity to develop their skills and careers as a whole. He also supports registrars who are in training to become orthodontists with regular sessions being held by him at Guy’s Hospital in London. This includes new clinics for patients who have been sent from the South East and London.

George belongs to multiple societies and organisations including the World Federation of Orthodontists, the British and European Orthodontic Societies, and he is an international member of the American Orthodontists Society. He attends this yearly for continual professional development. His extensive knowledge and experience have earned him a place in the Who’s Who of Dentistry. He is very passionate about academics which is what has led him to become an examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

A breakdown of George Campbell’s qualifications

· BDS (Edinburgh)

· FDS RCPS (Glasgow)

· MOrth RCS (Edinburgh)

· MSc (London)

· Invisalign accredited

· GDC registered 63331

Membership of Organisations

· World Federation of Orthodontics, British Orthodontic Society

· European Orthodontic Society

· American Orthodontic Society

· Formerly Honorary Treasurer for Orthodontic Specialist Group, UK

What services can George Campbell offer you?

Orthodontic treatment has developed a lot over the years, with a wider range of options, including those that are less obvious or inconspicuous, which is particularly important to those choosing teeth straightening as an adult.

Today there are more types of braces to choose from that are generally smaller and more comfortable to wear, while still being just as effective in straightening teeth. George Campbell can help you select the right treatment plan for you according to your requirements and will provide you with an excellent outcome. The different range of services you could be offered include:

Invisible braces

Invisalign is a treatment plan of clear plastic aligners that move your teeth into position. They have become exceedingly popular with adults in recent years due to them being removable and pretty much invisible to those around you.

Fixed metal braces

Fixed metal braces use metal brackets, archwires, and ligatures (elastic bands) to straighten teeth. These are the traditional style of brace, but significant advancements in technology mean they are now much less bulky, they’re smaller, and much easier to wear than they used to be.

Ceramic braces 

Ceramic braces are similar to the traditional braces except they are made from ceramic material and are designed to match the colour of your teeth, so they are less visible.

Self-ligating braces

This style of braces has sliding brackets that allows for the archwire to move in response to your teeth, meaning they work with less friction and don’t need elastic bands.

George and his team are committed to providing standards of orthodontic treatment that surpass the expectations of most patients. With discreet brace options for patients in Glasgow and the surrounding areas, contact your local practice to book an appointment with George Campbell orthodontist and his team.